Discover the Value of Asset Management

Whether you’re in a corporate career, at a hands-on job or focused on raising a family, you will likely put a lot of hours into your work throughout your lifetime. Meanwhile, you’ll face financial considerations that can have serious consequences — good or bad, depending on the decisions you make. Isn’t it important you have the knowledge and tools you need to make smart choices and help ensure your assets work as hard as you do?


At Life Impact Advisors, our goal is to help you make asset management decisions that ultimately put you in the best possible financial position both now and in the years ahead. We do so by identifying your risk tolerance, and helping you reposition portions of your assets as needed to maximize their value and meet your goals. We start by examining issues such as:


  • How tolerant are you of market volatility and losses in retirement?
  • What risks are you taking given how your assets are currently positioned?
  • Do the asset management strategies you’re currently employing match your risk tolerance?
  • Can your portfolio withstand any significant market corrections?
  • Are you effectively incorporating a savings strategy that will help you address your long-term objectives?


Then, as retirement nears, we can shift the focus from accumulation to protecting and preserving your wealth as your attitude toward risk changes. We’ll also work with you to address any life changes — planned or not — that occur on your road to retirement and keep them from derailing your plans for life after work.