Implement Estate Planning Concepts that Work

As part of a comprehensive retirement plan, you’ll likely want to make decisions about what happens to your estate after you pass. Do you have strategies in place to ensure your estate avoids probate? How can you make sure any remaining assets are distributed according to your wishes? Will you have enough to leave a legacy to loved ones or a charity of choice? These are just some of the questions we can help you answer in the planning process.


Regardless of whether you have many assets or few, we’ll discuss estate planning concepts that you can use to:


  • Define who inherits your assets
  • Determine who will be the guardian of your minor children or any dependents with special needs
  • Create an optimal strategy for managing estate taxes
  • Maximize how much you leave behind without sacrificing your own financial needs in retirement
  • Identify exactly how you should craft your will, power of attorney(s) and medical directive
  • Get Organized and In Control


One of the keys to proper estate planning is to create documentation that is complete, easily accessible and organized. To simplify the process, we can help you complete an Estate Organizer that:


  • Consolidates all your financial and personal records into one reference source
  • Makes it easy for your children or estate executor to access the important records needed to care for you or your loved ones when the time comes
  • Clearly documents your wishes and how they are carried out by those you appoint to do so
  • Keeps your records all up-to-date and easily updatable in the future


With our Estate Organizer, you  can have all your financial and personal records consolidated into one reference source.