Invest with integrity

You shouldn’t have to choose between your investments and your values.

When it comes to investing our money and planning for retirement, it can feel out of sync with our faith and values. While we focus on building a portfolio and getting the best returns, we may unknowingly support companies that go against what we believe in. Mainstream investments often fund corporations linked to things like human rights violations and directly opposing pro-life actions.

Where we invest our money matters. It has an impact far beyond our own retirement account.



Get to know one another and determine if we are a good fit to work with each other. What goals are you looking to accomplish and are we the right company to help you get there?



Discuss the areas of focus necessary to achieve a successful, biblically aligned retirement for you and your family. Review your Impact Report and steps to move forward.



Work together to implement a holistic plan aimed to achieve your needs, wants, and wishes. Using the BRILLIANT Method we continue to work alongside you through our state of the art software package optimizing your plan for the Ultimate Destination.

We believe you should be able to build a legacy and thrive financially in retirement – not just one or the other.

As licensed fiduciaries, we work with you to build a plan that encompasses your needs, wants, and wishes for your future. We know you want to do more than survive in retirement – you want to thrive.

Using the BRILLIANT Method we work alongside you to identify your true goals, create a plan, and implement it aligning faith, life, and retirement without taking unnecessary risks. This requires open, unguarded conversations about what life should look like in retirement. After gaining a deep understanding of what you want our team goes through a rigorous process to develop a plan to help bring it to fruition. It’s your money, it’s your choice, it’s your plan, we just help you implement it.

We then align your financial plan with biblically responsible investments, so your faith and your finances work together to build the type of legacy you want to leave.


Meet the team dedicated to helping you thrive

Laura Carlson

Retirement Consultant

Alex Lentine

Wealth Advisor

Darrell Jayroe, CFA, CFP, CKA

Chief Investment Officer

Dr. Erik Davidson, CFA

Chief Economic Advisor

We’re excited to meet you!

How we can help


Discover how to balance safety and growth according to your risk tolerance and time horizon with an effective asset management strategy.


This can provide you with the tools to document your wishes, regarding the distribution of your assets to loved ones.


From electing Social Security to maximizing supplemental resources, it’s important you have an income plan to meet your changing needs.


Discover how to balance safety and growth according to your risk tolerance and time horizon with an effective asset management strategy.

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