The LIA Process

It is likely all of us can think back to a time in our childhood when we witnessed the familiar chime of two children arguing over who had the better bike, chanting ‘mines better than yours, no mines better than yours’. And on and on it would go until at some point no one could even understand where the argument even started in the first place and was any of it even true?


The fact is it’s not an old tale but one that follows us through time as we age and we see one product advertised as better than another. Here at life impact advisors we saw this and recognized it as a shortcoming.


We asked ourselves in a world where there are so many factors how can one product be a solution to everyone’s answers?


Well the answer is there isn’t, and so we said instead of focusing on the product, we need a process that focuses on people.


This is exactly what the LIA process does, it’s not complicated, it’s just plain simple. “So how does it work?” you may ask. Well it starts with you, we get to know you, what drives you, where you want to be 5, 10, 15 or 20 years from now, your dreams and aspirations. After we know you, we then show you and educate you on the ways that would be best for you to reach your goal.


And since life is ever changing we also stay with you to assist and show you, in every situation how you can always turn where you are, into where you want to be, because in the end it’s Your financial journey.

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